Using Racing Rivals Cheats to unlock PT Cruiser

Below is my own review of Racing Rivals, the first mobile video game to feature PT Cruisers!

However, please note that in order to unlock the PT Cruiser you will need to use Racing Rivals cheats.

Racing Rivals is a drag racing mobile game that is available both on the iOS and Android platforms. The game was developed by Cie Games studios (since acquired by Glu Mobile) and Nitto tire, Cars in Racing Rivals are based on car models from the real world where one can play either in single player mode against the AI or through online multiplayer. There are many drag racing games available for mobile devices but few standout as prominently as Racing Rivals does mainly because of its graphics and multiplayer.

Racing Rivals stands head and shoulders above most mobile games when it comes to visual prowess. Cars have been modelled to look like their lifelike counter parts. You will notice the attention to detail when picking which car to drive. It’s just not the cars that look great but also the effects and the animations. The cars pick up speed with convincing weighted animatic movements. The in game textures look great when you’re at slow speeds and even hold up to scrutiny when moving quickly and the motion blur effect is triggered.

Racing Rivals PT

A quick launch of the game and you will notice that you’re only limited to 3 cars to pick from. Once you pick one, you can jump straight into a drag strip race. Controls at first look overly simplified, there is a shift button to change gears, an accelerator button and a launch button. There is no steering option because the game is based on drag racing. The game is challenging in that your reflexes will greatly determine your success, in situations where you are racing against opponents with similar cars specifications as yours.

The player must delicately tap of on the accelerator to get to the optimum rev level before the lights start the race off. If you over rev or under rev your car, there is a great chance of getting off the paddocks with a poor start and this will definitely give your opponent a huge advantage. To get the perfect gear change, the player must shift gears when the specific line of dots (blue in color) turns into green. Another way of timing your gear shifts to perfection is to listen to the sound of the car engine. Perfect shifts in between gears means fluid movement and a better chance of winning the race.

Some of the cars that are available in Racing Rivals are Lamborghinis, Porsche, Ford, Scion, RWB, Mitsubishi, McLaren and Subaru. All these cars are officially licensed which makes the game feel even more realistic. The cars can be upgraded with your winnings at the end of each race. Racing Rivals is a Free To Play type of gaming so expect real currency to be a premium mode of purchasing vehicles. The cars can be purchased through real currency or through gems.

Some of the highlights of Racing Rivals are:

  • PT Cruisers!
  • Compared to competing games, its longevity is increased by the online multiplayer factor. Playing against other humans is simply exhilarating.
  • The game doesn’t force micro transactions on players. It’s possible to play the entire game without even spending any money on it.

Negatives include:

  • If you aren’t playing online, single player races can be very boring.
  • Competing online against other players who have purchased superior cars can be frustrating.

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DEC 2 – Cape Coral Community Church Show – Cape Coral
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